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Sep 14, 2010 2:00am EDT
city bombing was about half a ton of explosions. nuclear weapons, the unit used is thousands of tons. it takes about 25 truck loads, semitrucks. there have been megaton weapons as well. think about something completely different. do not think in terms of just another explosion. the original five nuclear club was formed. it become clear they were the ones that would control the intent around the world. what if that hadn't happened or suppose we didn't understand all the things we did about notify indication. we maloufed it was possible to make explosions. that took a lost effort to do. what if it had not happened? >> it is a great sport for people not involved in relay history. if discovery hadn't been made, what would the world have been capable of doing without that? my wife hates it because i watch the history channel. there were eight wars by the time i was in middle school. eight strategic wars and vietnam for us. we new world war i left about 20 million people dead. without nuclear weapons, what is the world tapeable of doing in terms of conventional arment. think about world wa
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
of employees. it was the private pension rewards for long working used to regulate the labor markets. the retirement age, the existence of retirement age in our society is a function of decisions both of increased productivity in the last century and decisions we made about allocating leisure. much of the leisure we chose to take from the increase productivity went into shorter work weeks. it also went to longer vacations in the last century before the 1950's. after the 1940's or so, to be increased leisure went into retirement, a period of non work. we created this institution. it is malleable to some extent for it is also terribly important. the early retirement story is interesting. it begins to some extent with the unions very successfully negotiating 30-year and out early retirement options. many of the unions that had defined benefits and many of the businesses agreed to early retirement provisions that serve the purpose on the one hand of rewarding workers for long-term service and two, turning over the labor force. the flip side of all retirement age policy is also employment
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2